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Why Ambitious Brands Trust Us

Evan Streusand, Founder of Fortress

Google Ads

$21,857.32 Spent
$82,893.84 Return
at a 3.79x ROAS in Q3 2023
"We have worked with Nick & the Sunrize team for 2 Years and have seen a lot of growth

And we couldn't be happier working with them!"

Facebook Ads

$43,834.69 Spent
$145,229.01 Return
at a 3.31x ROAS in Q3 2023

Satchel & Page

Facebook Ads

$222,464.22 Spent
$1,076,478.92 Return
at a 4.84x ROAS in 2022

FB & Google
$313,256 Spent
$1,548,014 Return
at a 4.94x ROAS in 23' YTD

Bala Sarda, Founder of Vahdam India

"With Sunrize suggestion we started using it Triple Whale,
2 months back.

They allocated and scaled campaigns based on Triple Attribution. Improved MER by 2x.

We had a great push for BFCM"

- Rashmi Gupta, Vice President- Business Head & Growth

Huw Wardrope, Founder of Urban Baristas

"Helped us venture online where we had zero interaction with our email list

To then setting up flows and campaigns launching new coffee subscriptions."

Adriana Crocco, Designer of Huma Blanco

Google Ads

$3,700 Spent
$39,324 Return
at a 10.63 x ROAS in 30 Days
"Allowed our shoe brands to grow 70% year over year"

Paid Ads

$71,774 Spent
$544,681 Return
at a 7.59x ROAS in Q3 2023

Evan S. Founder of Highway Robery

18% Increase In Conversion Rate YoY
"Certainly understand the difficulties you go through as a business and make it work

If you're thinking about working with them I couldn't recommend them enough. Definitely do it."

159% Increase In Gross Sales YoY

Ljubomir Peric, Peric Digital

92% Increase In Gross Sales
"Nicholas understands where the bottlenecks are in your marketing and how to increase your ROI.

A genius when it comes to creating or improving your current marketing system.

I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking to get more leads, convert new customers & ultimately grow their business."

100% Increase In ROAS YoY

Nick Saruda, CF South Shore

"15 solid leads in 10 days time, 4 have already converted into a membership which will generate $400 (monthly)"

"I would definitely recommend, working with Nick

...there are a lot options out there but this one will get you results now!"

Anthony Malone, Teach & Learn Childcare

Our Lead Generation system allowed T&L to gain 57 warm leads and 14 new customers after following up.

More can be converted to year long plans.

Who We Look To Work With:

Good People.

We prefer working with ambitious brands because we can more work directly with the decision maker - you, the founder. We work hard and smart but require kindness and empathy from our partners.

We looking for mutually beneficial partnerships so both of our businesses can continue to grow in a way that ADDS to our lifestyles, not takes away.

Good Margin.

Part of running a business is a math equation. Plain and simple.

If you don't have enough money after COGs, Ad spend, etc, then it will be harder to acquire customers profitably on the first purchase, which is often essential for bootstrapped DTC brands (especially at scale).

A ballpark of 60-80% (gross) margin is a good start, but it depends.

Good Product.

We love finding partners who "get it" & realize there's more to a building a brand besides Ads & Email.

Your product is already loved by your customers and some are natural brand ambassadors.

You may even have a ton of customer reviews and UGC.

If you already have seen traction, have a subscription, or are expanding your product line soon, let's chat!

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