6x Return On Advertising Spend with Paid Social & Paid Search


After validating the product and finding market fit, the job of scaling was proving difficult with increasing CPAs. Sunrize Commerce was brought on to help scale by increase monthly advertising spend whilst hitting KPIs that allow for profitable growth.

What We Helped With

- Creative Strategy

- Facebook Ads

- Google Ads


- Created A Marketing Strategy Around The Brand. By analyzing the ideal shopper's consumer behavior, we built campaigns that successfully acquired new customers at a lower CPA.

- Creative Testing. We created a system to test new creative concepts in various styles to find the best audiences and build on the best performing SKUs.

- Shops / IG Checkouts. After optimizing feed and messaging we were able to successfully test and scale via Shops and IG Checkout giving making up a yearly high of 41% of purchases in-platform.

- Search & Shopping Ads. After research we narrowed down the most optimal search terms & keywords and optimized the product feed to maximize return.


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Conversion Rate


Blended ROAS

Some Fun Facts


Clients Helped


Total Ad Spend


Total Revenue Generated

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