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$110k Revenue For New Online Store Subscriptions


Many brands have a generated a large list of leads that have not been email regularly due to not having a retention strategy.

Urban Baristas was in that situation and also needed a consistent way to contact customers and potential customers. Setting up flows and campaigns with and migrating to a new ESP was necessary.

What We Helped With

- Email Marketing


- Nurturing The List Before A Launch. Many brands have a list of leads that have not been email regularly. Urban Baristas was in that situation. One of our core email principles is to build a relationship with your list to build long term revenue generation. So, the first order of business was to start that relationship with a mixed campaign sequence.

- Flows. The most important words you can write are powerful stories that connect with the problems of your audience. The product launch was a story-based sequences that launched the new product.

- Non-Holiday Launches. Campaigns. We believe that non-holiday launches are equally as important. While you cannot do a launch every month (you will burn your list). You can do a product or offer launch every 6-8 weeks.


New Subscribers


New & Optimized Flows


In New Customer Revenue

Some Fun Facts


Clients Helped


Total Ad Spend


Total Revenue Generated

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